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My name is Kathleen Marriott , I am a designer and maker based in glasgow, I have always been inspired by patterns, colours and textures and whether something has a story behind it, whether it is a narrative piece of jewellery or a decorative piece.Jewellery can symbolise something, whether it is an engagement ring or a piece to remember a lost loved one. People like to wear jewellery which has value, whether it's a piece of jewellery that has been given to them by a loved one or a piece that's been personalised to their specific requirements .As a designer and maker I want to create pieces of jewellery that give people that value and meaning , something to hold ono, a memory of that special moment or that lost loved one.Without sticking to the morbid theme that can sometimes be linked to remembrance jewellery, I want to celebrate people and their lives with a unique piece of jewellery.



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